Implant Assisted Dentures & Partials

At Kucey Dental Group, serving Red Deer and beyond, we know that sometimes even the best constructed dentures and partials have limited stability, retention, or esthetics. Using dental implants to create anchorage, we can provide you with implant-assisted restorations. Contact us today or call us with any questions or to make an appointment: 780-468-7270 to get started.

Re-Establishing Facial Harmony

This technique uses less implants to change from all tissue support of conventional dentures to implant-supported mucosa-supported overdenture. With an implant-supported overdenture, we can re-establish facial harmony through ideal support of muscles and overlying structures. This technique relies upon simple hygiene maintenance with increased accessibility for those patients with limited dexterity. It is also a cost-efficient treatment solution without compromising precision of fit and material quality when using implant bars in the support of the prosthesis. We can sometimes even adjust the retentive force to satisfy patient needs. There are maintenance considerations with this treatment involving loosening of the components which requires replacement.

The main limitations of this treatment are the patient’s desire to have a fixed solution and specific space requirement to support the implant components and the prosthesis. A thorough evaluation and diagnosis is helpful to predict if this is the correct treatment choice.