Patient-Focused General Dentistry

Dentist Dr. Elena Hernandez-Kucey

Dr. Elena Hernandez-Kucey, General Dentist

Dr. Elena Hernandez-Kucey, General Dentist, started her dental career in 1981 first  as a dental hygienist and later continued to complete her dentistry degree at the University of Southern California Dental School in Los Angeles. In 1986, following completion of her Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree, she joined Kucey Dental Group in partnership with her husband, Dr. Brian Kucey, Registered Prosthodontist (dental specialist in prosthodontics). Kucey Dental Group offers a collaboration between general and specialty dentistry with emphasis to preventive and aesthetic dentistry.

Dr. Kucey, General Dentist, has four children (Ellie, Alex, Cathy, and Jaclyn) and maintains an active participation in organized dentistry.

In addition to being a wife and mother, some of her personal interests include music, fine arts, fitness, amateur golf, and many other outdoor recreational activities. She actively participates in Catholic Church and contributes to community and educational programs and charities.

In 2002, Kucey Dental Group  moved to our new dental facility in the heart of South Edmonton. This facility has been the result of many years of planning and offers a complete range of dental services in a beautiful, well-appointed environment.

By focusing on quality individual care, the Drs. Kucey provides a positive dental experience for our patients.  All of our appointments are planned to maximize efficiency and reduce inconvenience to our patients. We want our patients to enjoy the undivided attention of Dr. Kucey, General Dentist, and staff during their visit, and leave the office confident with their results.

When you look in a mirror, do you dream of a more healthy and beautiful smile? Let Dr. Kucey, General Dentist, help make that dream a reality. We improve health through dentistry. Our patients start their smile makeover with a consultation and appropriate treatment plan that has been created exclusively for their needs.