Immediate Dental Implants in Edmonton

Same Day Dental Implants

At Kucey Dental Group we offer Immediate Implant Placement treatments. When a tooth is fractured, diseased, or not able to be restored, we may recommend the extraction of the tooth. Often, if the area is otherwise healthy, we have the experience in immediate implant placement which can provide potential candidates for this type of treatment with a dental implant at the same appointment. This reduces the number of appointments between tooth loss and a permanent tooth replacement and may even reduce the overall cost of the treatment.

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Final Implant Restoration

In some situations, we may even be able to place a temporary tooth directly on the implant. Otherwise, you will be given another removable temporary tooth replacement during the healing period. Once the area is healthy (usually 3-4 months after the implant placement), we will see you to take an impression of the area to create the final implant restoration.

Teeth in a Day® & Bar Attachment Denture

At Kucey Dental Group, located in Edmonton, AB, we work to ensure affordable options are available for our patients. For patients who are a viable candidate for this treatment, the Bar Attachment Denture treatment is the most cost-effective option for stable dental implant treatment of a complete arch. This treatment uses four dental implants that are often placed at the same time we extract the natural teeth in biomechanically positioned angles for maximum stability. This technique of placing four implants — two straight in the anterior and two angled in the posterior– has been used effectively for over 20 years and is a reliable and effective way to provide fixed restorations on less implants than other techniques which reduces the overall cost.

Dental Restoration

Initially, the restoration will be all acrylic with denture teeth anchored directly to the implants. Later, a final restoration with an implant bar (titanium) will provide the strength and durability. The final restoration can be made in various materials from acrylic to custom lab-fabricated porcelain, always with the same attention to esthetic customized detail, but allowing the financial investment to fit the patient’s comfort zone. The treatment can be done in stages over time.

The Procedure

Often, patients who have been told they are not suitable candidates for conventional implant placement due to bone loss can be treated with the Bar Attachment Denture technique. The surgical procedure for the Bar Attachment Denture is minimally invasive and can always be accomplished in-office using local anesthesia with sedation if required. We will provide you with comprehensive pre- and post-treatment instructions. Recovery time is usually brief and results are often immediate especially when the area is healthy to have the implants attached on the same visit. For your comfort, we may provide oral or IV sedation.


Bar Attachment Denture prevents further bone loss, requires minimal recovery time, and avoids anatomical structures and reduces need for bone grafting,


Nobel Biocare home page...At the Kucey Dental Group we offer Brånemark System® Novum, a concept that offers permanent fixed teeth. This used to take several months and require many visits to a dental specialist. Dr. Brian Kucey, Registered Prosthodontist, has provided this service for many patients and includes this option when appropriate.

Precision surgery with prefabricated components makes a standardized uniform treatment possible. No impressions or temporary components are needed. The implants are installed in the morning and the patient receives an individually crafted fixed bridge in the afternoon. After about eight hours in the dentist’s care, the patient has received permanent new teeth with immediate function including the final supporting framework.

A series of diagnostic tests will determine who is a candidate for this procedure. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, contact us today.