BOTOX® Cosmetic /Neuromodulator Treatments in Dentistry

BOTOX_logoBOTOX® Cosmetic, by Allergan, can be used to treat conditions such as bruxism, teeth grinding, facial esthetics, TMJ symptoms, headaches, spontaneous/irregular jaw movements, gummy smile, lip enhancements, jawline slimming, establishing ideal lip lines and smile lines for esthetic dentistry and control of drooling.

Many of these conditions lacked a good prognosis, involved treatments that were ineffective (teeth grinding appliances), or required surgical intervention (establishing lip lines, gummy smile treatment).

Typically, when used for therapeutic purposes, results from BOTOX® Cosmetic last between 4 and six months. However, when used for cosmetic reasons, results last approximately three to four months. 

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Patients could be going to their dentist for another treatment: BOTOX® Cosmetic.

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