Kucey Dental Group Proudly Serves Clients from Stony Plain

If you live in Stony Plain, great dental care is only a little ways away in Edmonton, AB. Kucey Dental Group appreciates all of our customers from Stony Plain, and is committed to giving them quality dentistry at competitive rates. See for yourself why a short commute can prevent long-term oral complications.

A Better Smile is a Short Drive Away

Offering a variety of treatments and services, Kucey Dental Group is sure to suit your dentistry needs. Whether you need a full oral makeover or are simply looking for a routine dentist, we have what it takes to beautify your teeth and bolster your life.

Your Oral Health is Our Specialty

As experts in specialty treatments and general dentistry, we can offer care to our Stony Plain patients of all ages:

  • Regular cleanings
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Veneers
  • Implants
  • Prosthodontics (restoration or replacement of teeth)
  • Dental surgery

Beat the Routine with Oral Hygiene

Does the prospect of a dental procedure make you nervous? Beat the “routine” of dental work and relax at Kucey Dental Group. As caring experts in oral hygiene, we offer a warm environment, a skilled and thoughtful staff, and the calming assurance that we only provide the best care for our patients.

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The benefits of a beautiful, healthy set of teeth are fast acting and long-lasting. Not only will new, improved teeth help you ward off the embarrassment that so often comes with poor oral health, they will also give you a new perspective on life—something you won’t be able to stop smiling about.

If you’re ready to start smiling more, visit a dentist at Kucey Dental Group. Call us at 1-877-375-8239 to schedule an appointment today!