Kucey Dental Group Proudly Serves Clients from Sherwood Park

We understand you don’t live next door, but the Kucey Dental Group in Edmonton, AB, is eager and excited to serve the people of Sherwood Park!

At our office in Edmonton, we offer a variety of treatments for those who are anxious to build some confidence and stand out. We have the tools and talent that will improve your teeth and enhance your life.

Open Your Arms to a Better Smile

In need of a regular checkup? Ready for advice on what to do next? Eager for a full smile makeover? You’ve found the right place. Though you may live a short 20 minute drive away, you won’t be let down when it comes to dental care at Kucey Dental Group. We promise a drive to Edmonton for a happier, healthier smile (and a happy, healthier you) is well worth the distance.

Your Teeth: Our Priority

As life-long experts in everything from specialty treatments to general dentistry, we are able to bring our caring expertise to patients of all ages:

  • Regular cleanings (get rid of plaque and tartar to ward off gum disease)
  • Implants (secure an artificial tooth root and replacement tooth)
  • Veneers (protect and improve the look of your teeth with this thin layer of material)
  • Cosmetic dentistry (smile bright after we improve the appearance of your teeth, gums, or bite)
  • Prosthodontics (restore or replace any tooth)
  • Dental surgery (inquire within for specific information)

Comfortable Dentistry

Scared of the dentist’s chair? We’ll provide you with sedation dentistry to calm and relax you. Breathe easy. We want to make each of your visits here as comfortable as possible.

Our environment is calming, our staff is skilled, and we are excited to provide the best care for you – our valuable Sherwood Park patient.

Call Today

Don’t let a beautiful, healthy set of teeth escape you much longer. We want to help you reverse the effects of bad teeth and gums. Kucey Dental Group knows the people of Sherwood Park want to live a happy, healthy life—we’re glad to be here to make it as easy and accessible as possible.

For those who may be looking for a Sherwood Park dentist, call our toll free number at 1-877-375-8239 to schedule an appointment today! We’ll give you something to smile about.